Made by Italians is a start-up with the aim of increasing awareness of traditional Italian trades, products and services abroad. Beyond providing a guarantee of products of Italian origin, Made by Italians guarantees traditional Italian trades and methods.

Made by Italians initially made the trademark available to Italian businesses and activities in Copenhagen

Biase Liguori, founder and CEO receiving the Patronage from H.E. Mr Stefano Queirolo Palmas Ambassador of ITALY to Denmark (2013-2018)
Biase Liguori, founder and CEO giving a certificate of appreciation to H.E. Mr Stefano Queirolo Palmas Ambassador of ITALY to Denmark (2013-2018) for support for the Made by Italians project.


News of the Made by Italians trademark soon spread, and applications have now been received from Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Brazil and Argentina.

This positive reception of the Made by Italians trademark highlighted the need for fresh evaluation of scope, objectives and brand positioning. The project is now established as an organisation with formalised leadership and a business strategy to support growth and expansion.


The increased interest and revised strategy strengthen the commitment of the Trademarks Founder who, supported by the board, will share and implement the growth strategy.

In January 2023 the first strategic step began: the establishment of a consolidated European presence with a view to developing representation in other continents. This aim is to raise awareness and offer guarantees for products and services of Italian origin throughout Europe and beyond.

The Made by Italians concept will continue to develop and offer its trademark to new services and activities.

Biase Liguori, founder and CEO, and Giulia Del Grande COO, with H.E. Mr. Luigi Ferrari Ambassador of ITALY to Denmark (2018-2022) on the occasion of the Italian Republic Day.
New relationships
Biase Liguori, founder and CEO giving a certificate of authenticity to Cindy and Johan owner of  PUBLIC – The Italian Social Dining Bar

New relationships

Made by Italians expects to enhance consumer experience through Made by Italians approved partners, be they pizza makers, tailors, decorators, beauticians, shoemakers.

Consumers will be encouraged to share their stories on a shared platform to increase awareness of authentic Italian products and services through the Made by Italians trademark and network.

Made by Italians will also be a meeting place for Business-to-Business and many other things!

Who we are

Migrants or sedentary people, technicians, scientists or humanists; different in age and experience but equally united by a deep love for Italy and the desire to highlight, and bring together, the many and inimitable manifestations of Italian professionalism abroad. We are MADE BY ITALIANS

Giulia del grande

Chief Operating Officer

Tuscany of origins and resident in Copenhagen, Giulia is specialized in the promotion of Italian cultural tradition abroad. Strongly interested in the originality and utility of the Made by Italians project, she manages the communication with affiliates and supports Biase in the organization, planning and design of internal activities.

BIASE Liguori

Founder & CEO

Born in Lucania and now resident in Copenhagen, Biase has been working for several years in Scandinavia. He holds a PhD in Nanotechnology Risk Assessment at the Technical University of Denmark. He has experience as Regulatory Affairs and Risk Assessment Consultant expert supporting manufacturers of a.o. novel food, medical devices, cosmetics, and biocides. He is an Alumnus of the European Food Risk Assessment Fellowship Programme promoted by the European Food Safety Authority.

Currently Biase is postdoctoral researcher at the Danish National Research Center for Work Environment.

As founder of Made by Italians, he has marketed the Italian spirit abroad by drawing Italians from all walks of life to create a network for likeminded lovers of Italian culture and products.

maurizio ciacchella

Chief Business Development Officer

Born in Milan and based in Lucca, Maurizio has long experience in sales, marketing and communication in the trade fair sector. Aware of the Made by Italians potential, he decided to offer his experience and professionalism for the conception of commercial proposals, services and marketing, bringing invaluable ideas for the international development of the brand.