Made by Italians takes the real Italian tradition abroad. Through a recognizable brand, Made by Italians selects and points out the real “made by Italians” businesses. This way Made by Italians aims at creating a network of authentic Italian small businesses and to gather around it a community of people passionate about Italian culture and cookery.


Made by Italians is a start-up that aims at creating a network of Italian professionals and a community open to anyone who would like to be informed about the existing Italian businesses in our area.

Made by Italians wants to create a recognizable brand whose purpose is to declare the authenticity of run-by-Italians businesses, organizing and managing a network of Italian professionals coming from many different branches of production.

To support this network, we are building a community to keep people informed about all the Made by Italians businesses’ news and stories. A place where people can meet and exchange knowledge, ideas and points of view.

This way, thanks to a cosy community and a strong network, both active in and outside the web, professionals and people coming from many different professional and social backgrounds will be able to get together and share their personal stories, competence and passions.

Starting from Copenhagen, Made by Italians wants to become a reliable guide that will help people not to get lost in the great number of options that exist around them, helping them to find exactly what they are looking for. And everything will be truly “made by Italians”.

For more information you can contact us at: info@made-by-italians.com